The Man Cold

I knew it was coming when I heard; “I think I’m getting sick.” come from his mouth with his hand on his chest. The dreaded man cold was on its way.

The world stops revolving around the sun and it begins to revolve around the man. The tissue box, thermometer, a glass of water, a box of brightly colored capsules and the remote control sit on the side table awaiting his beck and call.

As he settles in for his battle, which will undoubtedly be the worst he has ever felt, I wait in the wings much like a servant girl of old. Ready to fetch more water, some food, perhaps a blanket or just listen to how awful he feels or to tell him I love him and hold his hand.

Sometimes I think the man cold sweeps in when men have been too macho. Helping every friend or family member that needs it; grown children with home repairs, a wife that always has projects that need a stronger hand or taller reach. Perhaps, its when a boss, that’s not always nice, complains and the man remains silent knowing the fault is not his. ┬áThe boss will see this in a matter of hours or days but without man’s frustrated words to ignite a bigger battle the rant continues.

Maybe, just maybe, God created the man cold so the people who love them would show their care in a different way. A chance for man to drop the macho and be human. Maybe the man cold isn’t so bad (don’t tell him I said that). Maybe it’s for my benefit to learn to appreciate him for who he is not what he does.

Today I celebrate the big, strong sailor with a cold and the chance to take care of him with love.


Pastor Gran